Monograms for small people

This project was born out of a failed attempt at making a child’s skirt for Christmas gifts. They were hideous. In an attempt to use up some sort of mustardy olive-y linen that I bought who-know-why, the first skirt turned out looking like a street urchin costume. The pattern, the sailboat skirt by Oliver and S, deserves better. I rescued the elastic and gave the skirt a garbage bin burial.

After momentary panic about what to replace the skirts with, I was rescued by a kid’s clothes sale and some adorable jumpers (Sweaters to you American folk) as my Christmas gift saviour. On a whim, I decided to try monogramming them.

I traced simple designs onto baking paper, transferred it to the jumpers with thread (this is called tacking) and then embroidered the design in embroidery floss. I used a circle motif to match the polkadot jumper (I like that it kinda looks like the copy write symbol) and a preppy look to contrast the nautical stripes. Cute, non?

Mary Corbet over at has a great library of instructions and stitches. The ‘c’ design uses five threads to get a really pronounced texture, in a split stitch for the c and stem stitch for the border. The ‘S’ design is a backstitched shape filled in with irregular stitches and a three thread fly stitch for the branch border.


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