Recipe Tea Towels

Another Christmas gift. Another Spoonflower success. I made some custom tea towels using an old family recipe with the help of Spoonflower.

My best advice for making these is to spend the time to get a clear high-resolution image first so you spend less time messing about with a photo editor. After you have your recipe (or anything else you’d like to have on a tea towel- artwork, map etc.) you can either upload it straight to Spoonflower or use an image editor to tidy things up. My recipe was browned with age (and brandy splashes) so as with the ties, I used to clean things up. I made the background transparent and removed the blue lines (see A Modern Commonplace Book for an example of leaving those elements in) as well as the brown background (because no one wants a brown tea towel).

Making the tea towels once you have the fabric is embarrassingly easy. See Spoonflower’s blog for a step by step. The *hardest* part is marking out the edges of the four so that everything is even. There are black L shapes that delineate the corners of the fabric amount you purchase. Unfortunately, one of my corners was cut, quite literally, making one of the tea towels smaller. Once you’ve cut your fabric, just fold over the edges and repeat to enclose the raw edges, and sew closed. I used some stash ribbon/tape for the hangers.

These tea towels are HUGE. Approximately 70 by 45 centimeters, or 27 by 18 inches in the old money. While I do have some tea towels that size, most of mine are about half the size. Next time, I think I’d make 8 to a yard, rather than 4, but the large ones do look more luxe. The fabric- linen cotton canvas- is supposed to be quite absorbent but it doesn’t feel like it. I washed them twice to soften them up, but they crease very easily, which I think is pretty apt for a recipe.


Look, no hands.

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