SewMyStyle- January

This is the January leg of Bluebird Fabric’s Sew My Style. The idea is to sew one simple garment a month and share it with other’s taking part via Instagram. The January piece is the Toaster 2 sweater from Sew House Seven.

I chose to make this out of mercantised cotton rather than a ‘sweater’ material because it’s ridiculously hot in Australia in January and winter is just too far away to think about. I got the fabric from Addicted To Fabric as a remnant piece.


As the pattern instructed…

When I finished the sweater I really disliked the collar in the cotton- not drapey enough to be a cowl and not stiff enough to be structured. It just looked like my top way trying to swallow me whole. I redid the neckline into something more like a boat neckline.


Boat neck modification

Check out everybody’s makes by searching for the hashtag sewmystyle on Instragram.

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