Kaisla Blazer

Finally! I started this blazer way back at the dawn of time. I was bamboozled at the point the lining attaches to the shell at the back vent. Most of the problems can be attributed to my mistake in tracing the pieces in the first place. Another factor is that I only had the text of the instructions and not the illustrations due to a vengeful printer and no longer having the electronic version.


So practical for the Australian summer…

So, due to general befuddlement, it lay confined to The Pile of Unfinished Things for several months. I would pick it up occasionally, fold, pin, and decide that couldn’t possibly be right and return it once more to exile. In the end, I’m not sure what clicked, but I ended up with something that looks right, even if it’s not as per instructions.


My, what pretty lining you have…

The pattern is the Kaisla Blazer, from Named. The only adjustment I made was to shorten the length by several inches to make it a cropped blazer. I also used a different pocket to fit the new proportions. The fabric is from Fabric Town in Tokyo, which I got on holiday a few years ago. It is a dark grey wool with coloured pastel flecks. I used this China silk¬†from Mood for the lining, but would not choose it again. It’s too thin and delicate for a jacket lining and would choose a cotton or heavier poly next time.


Pocket for the win.

For those of you playing at home, the skirt is also by Named, and is the Pulmu. I adore the pale blue of the sample and this black and white version by Style of Constructing is just so cool.


I made my first Kaisla Blazer a few years ago out of some delicious oatmeal linen with a golden sheen. It it well-loved and well-worn. I had trouble with the vent back then too- after several experiments and as many unpickings I frayed the fabric to the point of no return. I ended up sewing a ‘slit’ rather than a vent. No biggie, but it does kind of stick out like a duck’s bum.


The first Kaisla- linen crinkles as linen does