Named: Ninni Palazzo Pants

Named has released in Summer 2017 collection ‘Playground’! Hooray! Back in December I made these pants as a pattern tester. I love love love being a pattern tester. It’s better than a birthday.

The Palyground collection has a relaxed vibe with swingy breeze-friendly shapes and clean lines. While I wouldn’t wear everything in the collection, I do love the mix of staple pieces that can be dressed up or down as well as those more detailed pieces that are complete stunners.

I used a fabric I bought in Japan many years ago from a kimono fabric shop in Fabric Town. At the time, I wanted to make this Vogue Tom and Linda Platt dress with it, but the fabric is shorter than fabrics I’m used to and because of the bias cut, I couldn’t make it work. I remember being told at the time the fabric was silk, but I’m not sure. Either way, it’s got a lovely splotty stars-in-the-sky type print and has a beautiful drape that is light enough to get caught in the wind. I used a Japanese print quilting cotton from my stash for the pocket bags.



Named patterns can be printed on A4 pages and stuck together or printed in one big A0 sheet. Previously, my copyshop (Officeworks) has printed multiple A0 pages if it goes over a single page. I recently got a guy who knew his stuff and he adjusted the paper size to the exact PDF dimensions and it printed out the exact size. It just printed one long skinny-ish sheet. Amazing!

This pattern is called ‘Ninni’ and it’s crazy easy to make. It’s drafted as a midi culotte length which I love… on other people. Being short, things that length tend to make me look even shorter, or like a child who has outgrown her pants. But, an extra 10cm and I get a fabulous pair of palazzo pants. Winning!

The elasticated waist is very forgiving on the sizing, so would make a really great noob pattern as you end up with something that fits and looks rather dramatic very quickly. I would say this took less than 3 hours to put together, including cutting out the pattern and pieces.


I’ve worn these quite a bit since December and often get compliments including from a stranger at the supermarket (stranger if you’re reading, sorry I looked startled, you made my day). I can image these looking amazing in a pastel crepe, matte jewel tone or a large leaf print.

If you have made a pair please leave your web address in the comments, I’d love to check them out!


What? You put this here for me, right?

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