Named: Anneli Tee

Back in December/January I was a pattern tester for Named’s Palyground collection. I made the Anneli Tee after the Ninni Culottes (which I turned into palazzo pants). The Anneli pattern is a two-in-one, with a ankle length sleeveless dress or short sleeve tee. It has a wrap over front and in the tee, the sleeves are wider than normal. It’s probably just because the collection is called Playground, but the tent-type shapes they’ve used some of the patterns remind be of those stripy circus tents.

named-anneli-flatlayBoth patterns call for a light-mid weight jersey, which is what I used, in black and a pale pink. Immediately after I finished this I started thinking about making a silky version with a slit button closure at the back to make the head hole suitable. I think the extra drape of a lightweight woven would look beootiful with these exaggerated sleeves and wrap. One day soon!

As with the Ninni pattern, Anneli is really simple to sew up. The instructions are very clear, and the illustrations are just icing on the cake. The instructions specify using an overlocker/serger to finish the seams, but don’t let that put you off. Head over to Seamwork or Tilly and the Buttons for tips on how to sew knits on a normal sewing machine. Or, if you are using jersey you can leave the edges raw! They’ll curl up but won’t fray before you’ve worn out the shirt. I used a twin needle to sew the hems, but it’s not necessary for this kind of shirt- I just like the way it looks.


Wonky seams add character, right?

I have no experience in such matters, but I image this would make a decent nursing top for breastfeeding mothers? The wrap overlaps enough that you’re not in danger of accidentally flashing anyone if there’s a breeze, but it is a true wrap, so you can pull it back for easy access, shall we say. I’d love to know your thoughts on this if you have any experience. I have many friends who complained of the rubbish range of nursing tops and the Anneli might make a great gift for new mums.


Back in January, when the Sea Holly had bee friends

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