Frankenstein’s Kimono

Wow, it’s been a while!… sorry.

Last year I was lucky enough to go to Japan for a holiday. While in the amazing Fabric Town, I got some delicious fabrics but my favourite find was a polyester panel. It was from a shop that takes kimonos that are either badly damaged or the kind of retro that’s not ‘in’ and salvages the parts. The panel I picked up was from a child’s kimono- the back piece I assume.

kimono pup


I have been saving this piece for AGES, not knowing exactly what I’d use it for. After deciding to make a sort-of kimono jacket, I discovered KimoYes in Canberra, which sells vintage kimono fabric off the bolt. I know, right, who knew!? I got an off-white textured length to make the front and sleeves. Kimono bolts are really narrow – the sleeve length of my jacket is the entire width of the bolt.

kimono frontIt was crazy easy to put together once I’d worked up the courage to cut my precious panel. The top of the collar is a piece of the polyester panel- I didn’t want the white fabric to get dirty with neck sweat. Gross. Neck sweat.

kimono shake

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